SURFGASM - Lisbon Surf Club 


We are the notorious SURF CLUB located in Lisbon, Portugal.

Our Mission is to deliver the most profound and Gasm-giving experience into the world of surf adventures, nature and decadent parties.

Yes, we are guilty and take full responsibility for your extreme pleasure, as you have just caught the wave of your life!!


We know people!  We are going to pick you up at the airport on the day of your arrival & bring you to the Surf House in downtown of the sunniest capital of Europe. TRUST US, Rooftop houses with panoramic views are awesome!!!

The "Big Kahuna Van" is going to pick you up in the morning to drive you to the sweetest surfspots around Lisbon, with world-class waves!

We know around the city pretty well and hang out in places where no turist steps in.
You would be amazed how many cultural associations, hidden social clubs and alternative/ artsy getherings we can take you to.



+351 91 112 7889


any time is a good time catch waves!


Rua da Lapa,

LISBON 1200, Portugal



Our humble association consists of people from all around the world mixing in local Portuguese, Slovenian, Balkan, Cabo Verdians,  Northern European, Polish and South Americans - who would like to change society for the better, while sharing the love for the best sport in the world! Supporting different perceptions, open-mindness and love for preservation of nature can bring to amazing results for humanity and that is why "Surfgasm Club" was born.

Join us on daily rides to one of local beaches with best conditions to chill and catch great waves.
Or take one of wild surf trips to Sintra & Cabo da Roca or Sesimbra & Arrabida,...
Check the "TRIPS & TOURS" if you would like to know more about our social and sporty activities!

When partying, we go one step beyond... that we deliver
We are going to present you bars, clubs and local hidden gems, to satisfy even the most demanding music/art enthusiast! 

Thanks for my first surfgasm! Went once, got hooked, did 3 x trips in a row!! CRAZY and ADDICTIVE
— Ivan S.
So crazy and unforgettable experience with surfgasm!! Me ha encantado surfear y tragar agua hasta que conseguí ponerme en pie en la tabla!!!
— Rocio P.
I had the most amazing time on the Surfgasm Trip!
We went down the Portuguese coast with the Van and discovered tons of beautiful and hidden places you could never find on your own.
We had the best time camping, surfing and eating Bifana :)
It was adventurous, relaxed and just perfect!
— Caroline D.

Info & Membership

Would you like to experience Surfgasm?  Would you like to stay in a local surf house?

Send us a message below of your idea for your future holidays/visit !

Direct contact: +351 91 112 7889

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